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Audio for Video:

Here is a quick list of the things Dylan Baker does, if you would like more contact, go to the 'Contact' section.


 Field Recording and Live Sound

Under the instruction of Philip Perry and Ryan Kleeman at the Art Institute Dylan Baker has learned his skills of live sound management and field recording.This exposure to studio settings and softwares has developed his advanced knowledge in the art recording and producing. 

​All Visual Studios and working with the band Lonero, Dylan has captured sounds from musical events, wedding events, and other special occasions. Using a h4n and various assortments of microphones has pertained for Dylan Bakers interests in capturing sound.


Studio Production and Recording

As an audio engineer Dylan Baker has worked on many independent projects with local artists on songwriting/structure, recording, and mixing. Also he has been the in-house engineer at Niamaj Studios since 2013, working alongside platinum selling artist Niamaj Drake. His digital audio workstation of preference is mainly Logic Pro; however Pro Tools and Ableton Live are strong alternatives too for him.

Bassist ​& Experienced Musician

Trained with basic music theory and electric bass guitar techniques in at L.Herman Intermediate by Nancy Farmer has qualified Dylan Baker as a trained bassist. In process Dylan had created the band Blind Filth then joined the band Fallen Poet which has played many shows in Santa Clara. Thereafter, the regrouped and officially renamed, Hot Off The Press played in place for Fallen Poet. Hot Off The Press played at the Fox Theater in Redwood City, however afterwards split apart. Dylan has been playing on many of his own productions for the past two years as well as recording in studios for independent artist and songwriters.